An outdoor patio is one of the most aesthetically pleasing and highly functional exterior additions a homeowner can have on their property. These outside living amenities provide style, form, and function.

Traditionally, patios have been built for rest and recreational purposes. These idyllic structures are positioned near the home. They are generally detached and do not have a roof, but newer models may be attached to the dwelling with an added roof for weather protection and year-round use. Patios are used for many outdoor activities such as wedding receptions, birthday or dinner parties, family gatherings, business meetings and so much more. The designs and purposes are endless, making them a popular home exterior addition.

Types of available designs include contemporary, old world, modern, Spanish, Roman, Greek, and other options. Premium materials most often used range from pavers or natural stones for patio floors to durable, impervious wood and aluminum for walls and flooring. Brick, terra cotta tiles, concrete and other materials can also be used. The selected materials should conform to the existing design of the home or commercial building, and appeal to the buyer’s taste.

Additionally, amenities can be included in the patio construction. A fireplace, patio furniture, mini waterfalls, a miniature garden, outdoor bar or kitchen, add comfort and enjoyment. If the budget allows extras, there is no limit to the amenities that can be included.

Ultimately, a patio can add beauty, a place for leisure, more entertainment options, and added value to your home for many decades.