A handyman is a worker who excels at home repair jobs. This could refer to a professional who is hired to come in and repair a house problem, or a person who does it themselves. Some tasks involve great skill and knowledge, while others are relatively easy fixes that can be done by pretty much anyone. Some examples of work that a handyman would conduct are drywall repair, home remodeling, electrical work, furniture assembly, painting, plumbing, and carpentry. However there are specialists who work on more difficult jobs that are not easy repair such as plumbers, electricians and carpenters. A handyman usually only takes care of the more simple repair type jobs.

Many handymen work on their own as independent contractors. There are also resources online and books that one could read to fix things that a handyman would be paid to complete. There are many companies that take care of handyman type jobs as well with a variety of services, including specialists and people who can take care of the more minor issues. A handyman can also work outside of home repair such as auto maintenance, appraising property value, home security, landscaping, pest control and construction. Other jobs that handymen can conduct within the area of home repair are cabinet refacing, ceiling repair, curtain hanging, deck installation, door repair, dryer repair, gutter cleaning and repair, insulation installation, fixing locks, paint removal, soundproofing, shelving, skylight installation, sealing driveways, window cleaning and installation, tiling, patio stone installation, among many other jobs.