Many would assume that the carpenter, or woodworker, is only there for the beginning of the home building process, but this is not true. In actuality, carpenters have significant importance not only in the building of homes, but also the upkeep. The carpenter builds the frame of the home, which is an early step in the process, and is as important as any other step.

Wood among other materials, is used throughout the process–from the foundation of the house to the finishing touches. Therefore, the carpenter is there for the entire homebuilding process, from inception to completion.

Damage internally can also be fixed with the expertise of a carpenter. Woodwork is important in other avenues as well, outside of construction of homes. Carpenters are important to restaurants, hotels, bars, office buildings, and construction jobs – not to mention the craft of furniture making. They make furniture that fill homes such as tables, desks, entertainment centers, nightstands, bed frames, dressers, doors, among many other things.

Carpenters can also be viewed as artists of their craft. They use wood as a painter would use a canvas and a paintbrush. The carpenter’s work cannot be overstated. They are important in many avenues, but vitally important in home building and upkeep.