Although it’s a small space, the home bathroom can be a complicated room to remodel. With the combination of electrical, plumbing, and tiling skills necessary for most bathroom remodels, it’s a good idea to hire a qualified contractor to give you the bathroom you want while avoiding any expensive mistakes. Additionally, a contractor will be able to identify any hidden repair needs.

Some bathroom remodeling options you might want to consider include updating countertops, replacing the sink and faucets, laying new tile or laminate flooring, hanging new light fixtures or a new mirror, replacing a bath with a shower or vice versa, or installing a new toilet. You may even want to change the layout of your bathroom, especially if it’s in an older house and hasn’t been updated in decades.

Whatever you decide to do, it’s important to start with a budget before you decide what remodeling options you want to pursue. A skilled contractor can help you select the right materials that will fit your budget and help you to make your dream bathroom a reality.

As you’re preparing your budget, it’s a good idea to plan for the unexpected, in case the contractor runs into any significant plumbing or electrical problems that need to be addressed. Though no one wants to be faced with any sudden unforeseen costs, budgeting for potential repairs will give you a peace of mind if anything does come up. And, of course, if there are no unforeseen repairs, then you have the extra to spend on the remodeling project.